The third edition of Grand Nordic Festival 2021 welcomes audiences from Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as expats, to join in as we  stage dialogues between the voice of the classical guitar and the sound of poetry readings .

We welcome the audience to become a part of direct transversal interactions between diverse art forms to enforce the the idea of dialogue as an instrument to seek solutions for the challenges contemporary society faces. To do so the festival has the Parisian salon as inspiration, and quotes the historical relationship between poetry reading and the sound of the lyre in antiquity


The festival is an activity arranged by the Society of the Word. The organisation will offer a wide array of cultural activities during the autumn and winter stressing on community, dialogue and humanism. You may become member of OrdSelskabet by sending an email to:

PRICE 300 DKK: membership from September 2021 until December 2022 – including up to 50% discount on all events and activities.

This year’s theme is  J·ORD ¬ EARTH/WORDS – tones and words about EARTH.

In times of crisis and general uncertainty, and as the planet’s resources are at peril, this year’s festival focuses on Mother Nature – with the theme EARTH/WORDS we seek to reinforce the idea of dialogue and direct human contact.

Thus, we invite the audience to a joint journey where dialogue is the epicenter of the stage performances across art forms. 

The festival is staged as a series of dialogues between classical guitar and poetry readings. Each single performance is attained via a direct confluence between poet(s) and musician(s). This joint expression explores the creative force of nature and the creative feminine, and aims at attaining an experimental trans-aesthetic study on human artistic interaction confronted with the power of nature.

In antiquity the strings of the lyre and poetry were inseparable. For many centuries, music was accompanied by poetry. Since then, the joint experience of these artistic expressions has been separated. The purpose with this new festival is to re-establish the connection between a string instrument and poetry reading.


Curator and festival director, Martha Elias, renders her ideas about the festival:

Dear festival guest,
Welcome to the Third Edition of Grand Nordic Festival. We invite the audience to an experimental journey into the sound of poetry and the voice of the guitar. This year’s theme is  J·ORD ¬ EARTH/WORDS – tones and words about EARTH. The festival concept revolves around the idea of opening a dialogical space, whereon to reflect about the spirit of times in a nature-centred ambiance with art, music, poetry, philosophy, and sciences with reference to the Parisian salon and to the ancient relationship between the kithara and poetry. It has been a long journey since 2013, where I got the first idea to present a festival with poetry and classical music based on an interdisciplinary approach that simultaneously hits the trans-aesthetic as an axis, and where the multilingual is included as part of the concept development. These three elements – interdisciplinarity. trans-aesthetics and multilingualism – in combination – provide new possibilities for a common art expression which may expand the understanding of art across genres. This experiment is uplifted and stands by its own right and embraces the audience. Since my early teenage years, I’ve always read literature – but also LSP-books – and written my own multilingual poetry texts and art reviews – while listening to classical music. This is my personal story about the festival’s conception. Therefore, it is gratifying to be able to welcome you to this third year of the festival. An art festival in times of crisis. For courage, support, and joint direction, I deeply thank everyone – every single one – of this year’s team on and behind stage. This cultural project is relevant, especially nowadays, when distance is the rule and human contact has been put to the test. Therefore, we defy challenges, and insist on delivering a joint art expression displayed with the audience at its core.

GRAND NORDIC FESTIVAL is the first and only in its form and expression, and each year we set out to address a relevant theme. The vision is – firstly – to persevere on the experimental, innovative and self-reflective format, which is expressed by being a place of communion for prominent talents in poetry, music, philosophy, art, and contemporary music. Ultimately, the festival is the sheer culmination of a dream whose ultimate purpose is to strengthen, support and safeguard the role of art as a crucial part of a common reflection on nature in the anthropocene.


I wish you a good festival, and a poetic autumn!

Martha Elias

Art Director & Curator

Grand Nordic Festival

During the breaks – as well as every evening – after the programme ends – everyone can join the Salon Time and mingle with the the artists. It remains paramount to nurture the creation of new dialogue groups.

This is an opportunity to interact with everyone straightforwardly. Visitors can freely take the stage and present poetry, music or something inter-related. This will take place on the 23 September.

Host Søren Kristoffersen.

Please check out the programme, and contact the coordinator via mail:

The audience and participating artists have the opportunity to freely  contribute to compose a festival  product written in community during this year’s festival. This is done by writing 1-2 lines of verse, a word or a thought related to the theme: EARTH/WORDS. After the festival, the joint poem will be edited and shared via the festival’s social media channels.

READ last year’s community poem here.

Our own Salon Academy offers the following activities:

24/9 from 13:00-15:00 · WordLab on Marcel Proust (writing workshop) in Danish – everyone is welcome.

25/9 from 13:00-15:00 · GUITAR workshop with leading classical guitarist CHRISTINA SANDSENGEN

26/9 from 11:30-13:30 DANCE  workshop with award-winning dancer SELENE MUÑOZ


See programme here.

Buy tickets here.

If you have any questions about the program or workshops, please send an email to: info@gnf-cph

The festival aims at nurturing a free space for art encounters between poetry and classical music, and has the audience as a central part of the art dialogues on stage.

We thank for the interest to everyone and inform that the organisation has decided to delivering any and all profits from ticket sales to Flygtningebø (organisation that provide aid to child refugees).


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Copenhagen, 25 September 2019

The festival is arranged by OrdSelskabet · THE SOCIETY OF THE WORD

Concept & Art Direction by Martha Elias

VAT. DK-41666161


VENUE 23/9:

Ved Glyptoteket 6, 1575 København V

VENUE 24/9, 25/9 and 26/9:

Musikhuset København
Vesterbrogade 59, 1620 København V



Venue A

Unitarernes Hus
Dag Hammerskjölds Allé 30
2100 København

Venue B 

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