Salon Time

During the breaks as well as every night – after the program ends – everyone can join the Salon Time and mingle with the the artists. It remains paramount to nourish a comprehensive experience for everyone.

Open Salon Stage

An opportunity to interact with everyone straightforwardly. The festival’s artists and festival visitors can freely take the stage and present poetry, music or something inter-related. This will take place after the programme ends from September 26 through 29 September 2019.


The festival opens up the concept of Lyric Salon with poetry and guitar interactions, in addition we present and art movie premiere, talks, artist dialogues and WordLabs (writing workshops) in Danish and English for song and poetry – aimed at everyone – but especially young audience is encouraged to participate. All children from 9 years of age are welcome.

GUITAR MASTER CLASSES, registration for guitar master classes is open for aficionados, students and professionals.

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If you have any questions about the programme or workshops, please send an email to:

Social responsibility

The festival aims at creating a space for dialogue between poetry and classical music, and has the audience as a central part of this ongoing dialogue. We thank the interest to everyone and inform that the organisation aims to pass on all profits from ticket sales to Sjælsmarks Børn and Flygtningebø (organisations that provide aid to child refugees)

Food and beverages

The ticket does not include food and beverages. Food and drinks on site by Pakomex

The food at the festival is sustainable and vegan.

Food and beverages during the festival shall be purchased separately, except during the reception on 27  September 2019.


No parking included when purchasing a festival ticket.

Festival attendees have to find and pay for parking by own means.



Salon Prologue 26/9 Unitarernes Hus

Lyric Salon I 27/9 Unitarernes Hus

Lyric Salon II 28/9 Unitarernes Hus

Unitarernes Hus
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 30
2100 København Ø


Salon Epilogue 29/9

Dansk Forfatterforening / Danish Writers’ Association
Strandgade 6
1401 København K

Near Christianshavn metro st.